The Work You Can’t See

Sometimes, I am very, very tired, and in a lot of pain. I choose to be proud of how many times I could have left this plane and didn't. 

Ace of Cups

Ace of Cups, The Lover's Path Tarot   A large chalice is emblazoned with a winged heart that soars above tumultuous waves. The base of the chalice is set with copper beads, and the inside glows amber. A crown rises above the chalice, reaching upwards to a glorious full moon in a starry sky. As … Continue reading Ace of Cups

Prime Real Estate No. 1 Congratulations

I write about a wide variety of subjects and in several different formats on this blog. One of my goals has been to share a series of essays about my relationship to New York City - particularly Brooklyn - and what it has been like to live here. This is the first installment in that … Continue reading Prime Real Estate No. 1 Congratulations

It’s Not My Imagination…

​ This lesser-known Cranberries ditty was one of the anthems of my misspent youth. Dolores O'Riordan's unbridled vulnerability, pure joy, and unapologetic grit made her radical in a kind of way. To be a teen in the 90's was to be shaped as a person by her stunning voice and vulnerable lyrics.  I am deeply … Continue reading It’s Not My Imagination…

Curing Cabin Fever 

Incense and Ink pens and A High Life and ~ An hour with a friend ~ Chocolate Santas half price On January 5th Shrimp lo mein to go and a Can of Coke Added up the sum of these errands A few dollars, priceless for An afternoon in the snow Get out of your house … Continue reading Curing Cabin Fever