The Work You Can’t See

Sometimes, I am very, very tired, and in a lot of pain. I choose to be proud of how many times I could have left this plane and didn't. 

Ace of Cups

Ace of Cups, The Lover's Path Tarot   A large chalice is emblazoned with a winged heart that soars above tumultuous waves. The base of the chalice is set with copper beads, and the inside glows amber. A crown rises above the chalice, reaching upwards to a glorious full moon in a starry sky. As … Continue reading Ace of Cups

Prime Real Estate, No. 2 An Exercise in Futility

I love long walks. One of the best things about New York City is the seemingly endless miles of connected sidewalks and pedestrian lanes. You can walk for hours in any direction, exploring different neighborhoods, seeing every kind of person. It's rich and visually stunning in every direction, especially in Brooklyn. When I've been especially … Continue reading Prime Real Estate, No. 2 An Exercise in Futility

Prime Real Estate No. 1 Congratulations

I write about a wide variety of subjects and in several different formats on this blog. One of my goals has been to share a series of essays about my relationship to New York City - particularly Brooklyn - and what it has been like to live here. This is the first installment in that … Continue reading Prime Real Estate No. 1 Congratulations

It’s Not My Imagination…

​ This lesser-known Cranberries ditty was one of the anthems of my misspent youth. Dolores O'Riordan's unbridled vulnerability, pure joy, and unapologetic grit made her radical in a kind of way. To be a teen in the 90's was to be shaped as a person by her stunning voice and vulnerable lyrics.  I am deeply … Continue reading It’s Not My Imagination…

Curing Cabin Fever 

Incense and Ink pens and A High Life and ~ An hour with a friend ~ Chocolate Santas half price On January 5th Shrimp lo mein to go and a Can of Coke Added up the sum of these errands A few dollars, priceless for An afternoon in the snow Get out of your house … Continue reading Curing Cabin Fever