Putting Down Roots for 2018

‚Äč2017 was a Chaos year, highlighted in the last three weeks of December. Now that the dust is settling and this past Mercury Retrograde has brought clarity about the events of the last year,  the last week of 2017 for me will be all about restoring order, starting fresh, and laying down a strong foundation, the kind of foundation that will make transitions and unexpected changes easier to navigate, the kind of foundation that will allow all kinds of new developments to grow. 

I keep pulling the tarot card the Ace of Wands lately, and it seems clear what the message is: “it’s time to prepare.”

The voice of my former abuser is in my head, telling me what a failure I am for not doing my best work, yelling at my mistakes, criticizing me for taking time off from my art to heal. But I know what they will never understand. I override them and my own inner critic. Just like a seed, your mind and your soul need certain resources in order to grow. Long before a seedling even reaches the light, it’s taking in nutrients and changing and moving upward, while roots grow downward. Some plants die on the surface after harsh weather or some kind of physical damage. They seem like a lost cause. But if the Crown and roots are still there, and the plant is being fed and watered and getting light, the plant grows back in another season, almost like a new seedling.

If 2017 had a symbol, it would be the plant cut down to its crown, the rotten and broken and nutrient-deprived parts removed, the roots replanted in fresh soil. It’s unattractive, it’s shocking, and maybe even painful to the plant. 

But all of this is so the plant can grow again, bigger and healthier and more beautiful than before.

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