Ace of Cups

Ace of Cups, The Lover’s Path Tarot



A large chalice is emblazoned with a winged heart that soars above tumultuous waves. The base of the chalice is set with copper beads, and the inside glows amber. A crown rises above the chalice, reaching upwards to a glorious full moon in a starry sky. As if in a dream, the crowned chalice floats high above the sea, surrounded by cliffs. The overall effect is triumphant, while giving the feeling of glowing warmth in a cool, misty air.

In “The Lover’s Path Tarot” by Kris Waldherr, the Ace of Cups is described this way –

Key Words: Receptivity, Emotion, Inspiration, Satisfaction.

Meanings: The beginning of a new cycle rife with potential for happiness and satisfaction. Joy. Start of a new, important love relationship or nurturing friendship.

In this visual interpretation of the Ace of Cups, there is a sense of being in a safe harbor, without being so sheltered in a limiting capacity. There is the wide open sky, the crashing waves, the sense of something refreshing and new. It’s the kind of safe feeling that encourages more freedom and expansion.

Here, emotions flow freely. There is receiving love and guidance from the light of the moon. There is giving the inner warmth of affection, and shining the light of inner wisdom.

In the Ace of Cups, we forgive and forget, setting ourselves and others free. We honor our own intuition, and in creating that safe space for ourselves, we have more to give the world around us.

This is generosity, reciprocity, and gentle strength. It is the stirring excitement of new intimacy and the soothing rush of a rekindled bond. It is possibility and firmly grounded hope.

In various decks, I pull this card frequently. It is a kind of visual companion of mine. Sometimes, for me, it is a personal reminder to work more closely with my own intuition. Other times, it is there to remind me that I am surrounded by love, and to be thankful and open to receiving it. I sometimes see the Ace of Cups as a reflection of all of the love I want to give. To me, this is a part of my true nature.

While the Ace of Cups can mean the start of a new love or the fresh start of an existing relationship, it can also be indicative of close friendships – the kinds that feed your soul and encourage all parties to grow and flourish.

In association with astrology, the Ace of Cups is thought to be tied to the water signs: Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio. Their message is to nurture and be nurtured. Use your emotions to guide you. Trust and be attuned to your intuition.

I think I pull this card a lot because it is so closely tied to the themes I am working with in my life the most. Right now, some of this has a very literal contextual meaning – I’m studying and practicing meditation and reiki. I’m making space to listen to my inner voice and heal myself. I’m opening up to all kinds of nurturing love, and leaving out anything unhealthy.

When you look at this Ace of Cups, what do you see? How does it make you feel?


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